GDPR, your privacy is our priority.

The evolution of the digital world requires more measures to protect everyone's personal data. This is to prevent your personal data from being used outside your control. We take this to heart.

Hand holding a magnifying glass where GDPR is written in blue letters
10 years of preparation

Your privacy is our highest priority. We take care of the protection of your personal data. Our ISO 27001 certificate has been proof of this for 10 years.

As you know, the GDPR guidelines are strict data protection requirements, which were integrated into European legislation in 2018. They entered into force on 25 May 2018, to be precise.

External partner

In order to comply with these new regulations correctly, we brought in an external professional partner in this field. He guided us through the entire journey and ensured that we could complete this project in time and to perfection.


It is and remains important for GDPR that all noses point in the same direction. We can rest assured that all of our employees are alert to the rules on disclosing information, whether personal or not. This is thanks to the regular awareness sessions that we organise for this purpose under our ISO 27001 certification .

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